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AMMOAlertness Management in Military Operations (AMMO)  provides users with tools to increase safety of operations based on personnel sleep history, jet lag, and other factors.  The application suite includes software to optimize shift work, support flight-crew scheduling, and make these available on a mobile device. 

Fatigue poses a serious threat to military personnel, effectiveness and equipment.  Extended periods of work, where cognitive effectiveness drops to critical levels threatens the stability and safety of all military personnel.  Similar to alcohol, the physiological effects of fatigue remain a formidable enemy within every aspect of operations, regardless of rank.  The manifestations of fatigue such as channelization, spatial disorientation, micro sleep, Crew Resource Management breakdown and slower reaction times all contribute to the mishaps that plague every service.

   is a mobile application that enables users to estimate their alertness based on a sleep diary. Daily logging of sleep allows the model to calculate an effectiveness forecast showing when fatigue is impairing the user’s ability to work safely.

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